The Terabit TRi5 product by Terabit Radios
April 11, 2016
The outstanding ALFOplus80 Series
May 6, 2016

Siae Microelletronica – Microwave Radio Manufacturers

Siae Microelettronica - microwave radio manufacturers with bandwidth up to 80Ghz and fast throughput

Microwave radio links offering up to 80 GHz of bandwidth and fast throughput. It possesses a variety of advanced carrier-grade equipment. These include a comprehensive multi-platform NMS and a series of flexible multiplexer and networking systems. Some of the microwave radio solutions produced by Siae Microelettronica include the AGS20 product that’s perfect for small cell deployment and cloud-RAN. This product also offers improved capacity and works best in dense networks. Few microwave radio manufacturers provide such state of the art microwave products.

The ALFOplus2 is yet another radio solution produced by this incredible company. This product supports fast RAN deployments by offering fast throughputs of 2/4 Gbps. This boosts network capacity and availability, enabling fruitful LTE launching. The ALFOplus80HD is a similar product that operates in the E-band. It offers a high degree of deployment flexibility and fiber-like capacity. It has numerous benefits compared to traditional microwave options. For instance, it modernizes the transport network while minimizing introduction costs. Not many microwave radio manufacturers can boast of such incredible radio solutions.

The ALS series offers reliable backhauling solutions by providing Native IP, PDH and SDH connections in one pack. This addresses all traffic needs and covers all market segments. This microwave solution can be used for advanced network implementation where high reliability and intricate security schemes are a must. The TL series, on the other hand, is a high capacity radio system that’s specifically designed for trunk, long-haul links. Its multiple channel feature gives it an edge over other solutions by offering incredibly high capacity transport infrastructure. It derives a myriad of applications including wireless backbone and fiber links. Siae Microelettronica produces these and many more radio solutions, making it one of the best microwave radio manufacturers in town.

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