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The Liberator V1000 by Fastback Networks
April 10, 2016
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April 26, 2016

The Terabit TRi5 product by Terabit Radios

The Terabit TRi5 - Smaller, Faster, Smarter

Terabit Radios is an amazing telecommunications company that manufactures a wide array of microwave solutions to meet all your requirements. The Terabit TRi5 is one such example. This incredible product from Terabit Radios allows you to enjoy high data transfer rates even in congested sites. Ideally, the Terabit TRi5 Access radio is designed to operate within the unlicensed 5 GHz frequency band. This device is quite compact, making installation work easier. Its lightweight feature allows you to carry it wherever you desire.

The beauty about the Terabit TRi5 radio is its ease in deployment. You can either deploy it in a single hop or multi-hop topology. In addition, this device supports full data rate transport especially in densely populated urban regions. This maximizes the network capacity and improves the overall throughput. The Terabit TRi5 radio is lined with LEDs on the sides. These LED lights offer a highly effective visual aid for determining link alignment by accurately tracking and monitoring signal strength. You don’t need to hone massive skills to operate this device – it only needs one single cable to operate effectively. It has an auxiliary port that’s only useful when you need to connect repeater units for extended ranges.

The throughput achieved using the Terabit TRi5 device is very impressive. This device supports a bandwidth of up to 80 MHz and transports data at rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second. With this kind of lightning-fast speed, you can send tons of data within a short time. This device also performs inline and single carrier signal processing, enabling it to support low latency data transmission. Its Wi-Beam Shield Interference Cancellation technology is just the icing of the cake. This technology neutralizes all the interfering signals and allows full data rate transmission.

CDN Distribution is a company dealing with the distribution of wireless technology solutions. With decades of experience, the products distributed by CDN Distribution are sourced right from the manufacturer. This includes the Terabit TRi5 radio from Terabit radios. If you desire to have this product delivered to you, contact us through our website: Our specialist will swiftly attend to your needs.

Liberator V1000