Janus 23G Air Duplex
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March 21, 2016
Janus 23G Air Duplex
The Janus 23G Air Duplex by MIMOtech
April 10, 2016

All about Terabit Radio’s Wi-Beam Shield technology

Wi-Beam Shield technology

TRi5 - Wi-Beam Shield technology

If you’re looking for a company which produces highly reliable radio units that support extremely high data rates and neutralize all interference's, look no further. Terabit Radios manufactures state of the art radio units such as the TRi5 Access Radios with added innovative Wi-Beam Shield technology. So lightweight are these units that one can easily carry them from one site to another. Link installation using the TRi5 Radio is simplified by using the bright LEDs aligned on the device’s sides. These LEDs act as visual monitors for tracking the strength of the signal during link alignment.

One of the most outstanding features of the TRi5 Access Radio by Terabit Radios is its Wi-Beam Shield technology for interference cancellation. This technology allows the radio to cancel out all the undesired signals causing interference in real time. Apart from supporting transmission of data at full rate, the Wi-beam Shield technology also gets rid of all the delays which crop up while waiting for channel allocation. This improves the performance of the link tremendously. The latency levels of the TRi5 Access Radio unit can reach as low as 5 μsec, allowing the device to transmit data at super-fast speeds.

Apart from the highly advanced Wi-Beam Shield technology, the TRi5 Access Radio also employs a unique architecture that provides a robust, shielded unit to guarantee channel availability for optimum frequency reuse. The radio unit is also equipped with high level security encryption to ensure that nobody hacks into your link to retrieve confidential data. It can transmit data at an incredible rate of 1 Gbps over a bandwidth allocation of 80 MHz. This allows you to send data lighting fast without any glitches.

CDN Distribution is an exquisite distribution company that delivers efficient backhaul and fronthaul technologies, including the TRi5 Access Radios that support Wi-beam technology. Since all products are sourced directly from the manufacturer, you’re guaranteed to get top of the range wireless solutions to fit all your needs. Get in touch with us by visiting www.cdndistribution.co.uk and our specialists will be at your beck and call.

Wi-Beam Shield technology