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ADD Microwave Solutions

Janus 23G Air Duplex

ADD Microwave Solutions

As many companies struggle to produce top of the range technologies to fulfill the growing demand for high speed data throughput, MIMOtech Company has leaped ahead of the pack. MIMOtech is the manufacturer of Janus Microwave AirDuplex product which uses ADD technology for data transmission. The Janus product offers efficient Carrier Ethernet data throughput within limited microwave spectrums allocated to operators. It can therefore be used as a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

ADD helps to increase throughput to around 1 Gigabit per second. This is definitely a huge boost compared to traditional low capacity links such as fiber links. ADD can be used to double the throughput of any existing link. It can also increase the range of connectivity of the link. Janus AirDuplex takes advantage of air division duplexing to provide higher throughput to the user. The 70/80G Janus product is also optimized for fronthaul as well as fiber extension. It can therefore be used for mobile deployments of 4G technologies and also as a cheaper alternative for pricy fiber links.

Janus AirDuplex supports extremely high throughput levels by using air division duplexing techniques. These ADD methods use MIMO and spatial techniques of multiplexing to send and receive data simultaneously through a single carrier frequency. Apart from air division duplexing, the Janus product also supports high spectral efficiencies. It offers high levels of flexibility and cognitive ability using its software-definable radio implementation feature. You can choose from a wide array of frequency bands.

The beauty about the Janus product is its ability to achieve throughput of greater than 1 Gbps for a frequency channel allocation of 20 MHz. It can also achieve up to 2 Gbps of throughput for a frequency channel allocation of 56 MHz. it’s quite easy to configure and manage a network using MIMOtech’s Janus product. You’re also guaranteed of zero footprint since all construction is done outdoors.

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Air Division Duplexing - Janus 23G