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March 6, 2016
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March 21, 2016

Get state of the art wireless backhaul with the Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300

Wireless Backhaul - Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300

The Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300 delivers wireless backhaul connectivity wherever you are!

If you need a smart device to offer you wireless backhaul network connectivity wherever you are, Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300 (IBR 1300) is the perfect solution for you. This compact device has an exquisite design and offers fast wireless speeds of up to 900Mbps. You don’t even need to be in a conducive location to enjoy the immense benefits of this gadget. It has huge technological advances that enable it to support all your grade backhaul service regardless of obstacles, buildings or other barriers in the vicinity.

Apart from its outstanding reliability, the IBR 1300 also has enhanced flexibility. This allows operators around the globe to identify places where cellular radio access gadgets are required the most. The beauty about this wireless backhaul solution is the high degree of convenience it creates. You can use it virtually anywhere to complement the backhaul that already exists, to improve the network density or to simply offer a more reliable solution. Operators are increasingly discovering the huge benefits brought by the reliable Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300.

This device drastically reduces the time taken to connect sites. Compared to its predecessor, it offers a faster performance at a cheaper price. It is also half as large. You won’t need to worry about carrying it around with you. With this device, you can enjoy uninterrupted radio spectrum at very low latency levels of less than 400ms. The IBR 1300 also has extreme interference protection functionalities which increase connections in more regions. It helps you to dramatically cut installation using its Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) transmission.

Purchasing the IBR 1300 equips you with unfathomable possibilities. It is extremely portable because of its small, compact design. It also has integrated AC power, making it perfect for small cell. Its unique beamforming technology increases its reliability for dense, large scale deployments. To get the ultimate wireless backhaul solution and the Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300 in your possession, call the number 01612410556. The professionals at CDN Distribution are always at your beck and call. For more information about the IBR 1300, visit