Terabit Radios wireless
Deliver low-latency apllications reliably and securley with Terabit Radios wireless solutions
March 4, 2016
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Get state of the art wireless backhaul with the Intelligent Backhaul Radio 1300
March 15, 2016

Integra wireless solutions: The Next Generation Radio Platform

SAF Integra wireless

Integra wireless solutions delivering the next generation of carrier-grade microwave systems

Have you been looking for an advanced microwave radio solution that offers a combination of excellent throughput and high performance? Well look no further as Integra wireless products are sure to meet all of you're wireless needs. Integra is a next generation, carrier-grade microwave system that is extremely light and energy efficient. This all-outdoor radio solution uses smart engineering by combining the intricate complexity of radio electronics with the exquisiteness of material science. Integra wireless products simply integrates two core elements into a single unit. These elements are: the advanced microwave radio and the high-performance antennas. By combining the two, the cost of ownership is considerably lowered. In addition, the time taken for installation is reduced and the reliability of the microwave link is improved even in areas where population is dense.

The unbelievable benefits of Integra wireless products

Integra wireless products provide a very high throughput of up to 1 Gigabit per second. This translates to quick data rates and faster transmission. Speed of transmission is a critical aspect of any microwave link. Since you desire to send your data lightning fast using your radio link, it is paramount that you choose a solution that provides excellent throughput. Apart from its amazing speeds, the Integra offers better link performance. Because of its small size, you can incorporate it into an existing link. You can also use it to cover longer distances. You therefore get to reach more people using an Integra link, regardless of whether the region is densely populated or not.

Integra also provides a scalable channel bandwidth. Its flexibility can stretch from about 3.5 MHz to 60 MHz in a single hardware design. This makes it a universal radio fit for a myriad of applications. The Integra is a product of SAF Company and offers delightfully high performance at an incredibly low price. Some of its accessories include a fiber conduit kit and an AC/DC Power supply.

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