Janus 23G Air Duplex
The Janus 23G Air Duplex by MIMOtech
April 10, 2016
Liberator V1000
The Liberator V1000 by Fastback Networks
April 10, 2016

The Liberator E1000e by Fastback Networks

Liberator E1000e

The Liberator E1000e

The Liberator E1000e is an amazing point-to-point bridge that operates within the 70/80 GHz millimeter wave band (E band). This easily deployable radio can easily power mobile backhaul, high definition CCTV and enterprise connectivity. In addition, it delivers incredible throughput of up to 1 Gbps in full duplex. It can cover long distances of up to 4 kilometers. The Liberator E1000e has a small form factor platform that’s perfect for roof or street deployment. It is possible to co-locate multiple radios on one pole because of the device’s high interference cancellation properties. This maximizes flexibility while minimizing the costs of site acquisition.

The Liberator E1000e has numerous backhaul and short haul connectivity applications. For instance, it can be used for provision of last-mile broadband Internet services as well as small cell LTE and 3G backhaul deployment. This incredible device can also be used to power wireless CCTVs for enhanced security and video surveillance. Private links between buildings can also be implemented using the Liberator E1000e. The aluminum housing that covers the radio unit is both lightweight and robust, allowing it to withstand abrasive weather conditions.

Each radio unit supports Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) technique. This allows the radio’s full capacity to be achieved both-way simultaneously. The radio operates within the E band which supports extremely high throughput levels compared to traditional microwave solutions. With low latency operation and high availability levels of up to 99.999%, this wireless solution guarantees you uninterrupted service all year long. It even has an airtight AES encryption and alarm service to give you extra security.

CDN Distribution is a revered distribution company that delivers cutting-edge microwave solutions, including the Liberator E1000e. With decades of experience, CDN Distribution sources all its products directly from the manufacturer. You’re therefore assured of getting the best wireless products to fulfil your short haul or backhaul needs. To get more information about the Liberator E1000e, you can contact us through our website: www.cdndistribution.co.uk.

Liberator E1000e